Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the companies that we routinely visit on our week-long lean manufacturing tours. For further information about our Toyota plant tours see our Lean Japan Tours page.

Corporate Information

Company: Toyota Motor Corporation
Establishment: 1937
Location: Aichi Prefecture
Main Business: Automotive

Lean Characteristics
TPS, Jidoka, Just-In-Time Production

Toyota is the home of the Toyota Production System (TPS). The lean manufacturing movement is based around the management principles, tools and culture that Toyota has been developing for over 60 years.

Supported by the pillars of Jidoka and Just-In-Time, TPS aims to offer high quality, short delivery times, and reasonable cost through employee creativity and intense efforts to eliminate waste.

It is designed so that machines and people alike stop production when there is equipment failure or any other irregularity in order for it to be immediately corrected.

Also, it improves productivity without waste by manufacturing and delivering the necessary parts at the necessary time in the necessary quantity.

Tour Content

Toyota Plant Tour

A tour of one of the nine Toyota plants in Toyota City is conducted by Toyota personnel.

Facilities are set up inside the plant to give visitors a clear view of the operations and a true feeling of the shop floor atmosphere. Interactive training areas are also available to provide an indication of the extent and emphasis Toyota places on training its people.

The factory visit incorporates content on the two pillars of the Toyota Production System; Jidoka and Just-In-Time. TPS tools are explained through video and, where possible, actual shop floor examples of the tools at work.

Toyota Museum Tour

The second half of the Toyota visit takes the group to the Toyota Kaikan Museum.

The museum, located adjacent to Toyota global headquarters, is a showcase of Toyota’s philosophy and corporate direction.

Areas of the museum cover environmentally friendly cars, safety and mobility, “Good Thinking, Good Products” (TPS), Toyota in society, motor-sports, and a display of the latest models from Toyota and Lexus.

The TPS area in particular is a popular area for participants of this tour to gather and learn directly from Toyota about how it explains its system.

Toyota Museum

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