Paul Smith - Lean Consultant - Shinka Management

Paul Smith – Director & Consultant

Paul is a lean consultant specialising in process optimisation and efficiency.

As a lean consultant, Paul specialises in process analysis and optimisation, continuous improvement and change management. Paul has a track record working in multilingual environments with operations spanning multiple regions and cultures.

Paul has undertaken assignments involving market investigation, joint venture planning and negotiation, feasibility studies and research and development programs. In a regional manager capacity for an Australian multinational, Paul led innovative infrastructure planning and optimisation programs for government utility clients across the Asia Pacific.

Paul is fluent in Japanese and completed a Masters and PhD at Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Engineering under a Government of Japan scholarship. Paul chaired the Japan Australia Business Council of South Australia from 2007 through 2013, and was on the board of the Japan Australia Society of Osaka from 2004 through 2006.

As a Director of Shinka Management, Paul supports clients through consulting, training and leadership on the Lean Japan Tour. Paul is also active in day-to-day business management and marketing for Shinka Management.

Recent Projects

- Training and consulting at Swiss machinery maker, China
- Lean training program for Aluminium producer, UAE
- Denim factory lean manufacturing consulting and training, Turkey
- NBN drilling crew process improvement, Australia
- Feasibility study for joint venture manufacturing operation, Russia
- Tour Leader – Shinka Management Lean Japan Tours, Japan
- Power utility field crew lean process improvement, Australia
- Olympic Dam expansion, Australia
- Trainer – Toyota Kaizen Training Courses, Japan and Kaizen Foundation Series, multiple countries
- Trainer – Japanese Business Cultural Awareness, multiple countries

University Lectures / Training / Program Support

- Carnegie Mellon University
- University of Adelaide
- University College Dublin
- Norwegian School of Economics
- University of Technology El Salvador (UTEC)

Selected Blog Posts

- Lean health care interview with Virginia Mason
- Your lean factory as a showroom – Using lean to drive sales
- Leadership during Crisis
- Rio Tinto on Lean Manufacturing in the Mining Sector
- Rethinking Japan as a Key Market for Australian Industry
- Guest Lecture – Carnegie Mellon University Australia