Shinka Management - Lean Management Consultants - Australia

Our team of lean management consultants has experience working with industry-leading companies across multiple industries and spanning Australia, Japan, USA, Asia-Pacific and the Subcontinent. Our lean consulting team’s focus is on practical, implementable solutions for improving industry productivity.

Our expertise includes international trade, sales and marketing and project management. With a team fluent in both English and Japanese and with decades of experience conducting business between Australia and Japan, Shinka Management supports clients with market research and entry, M&A feasibility studies and setup and management of international operations.

Our Australia-based team consists of Ben Sparrow, Paul Smith, Eri Dennis, Daryl Kelly, Peter Gardner and Peter Cleary, with Akinori Hyodo, Hiroya Yamashita, Kazumasa Hattori, Ian Jordan and David Fitzpatrick based in Japan, and Mike Goetz based in the United States.

Ben has enjoyed a career with Japanese lean pioneers Japan Management Association Consultants spanning 8 years. Paul’s expertise includes consulting to government utilities in process optimisation and efficiency and two and a half decades experience within the Japanese market. Daryl has over 20 years experience applying lean principles across all facets of an organisation. Peter Gardner is experienced in international operations management in the automotive components manufacturing industry. Peter Cleary is an Asian market and oil & gas sector specialist.

Eri is a NAATI-qualified professional interpreter and translator and supports our clients with Japan market entry. She is also a leader of the Shinka Management Lean Japan Tour and provides the majority of pre- and post-departure support for participants.

Akinori Hyodo is a lean sensei with a 35-year career with Toyota Japan as a factory manager and TPS leader. He is joined in Japan by Hiroya Yamashita and Kazumasa Hattori, veteran managers from Toyota’s Gifu Auto Body, responsible for the manufacture of the Toyota Hi-Ace vehicle. David Fitzpatrick is a Canadian-born consultant based with our team in Japan supporting the Lean Japan Tour, Japan-based lean training and Japan market entry activities.

Mike Goetz has 24 years’ experience within Toyota Motor Corporation in North America and a further seven years’ as a TPS consultant supporting a range of manufacturing companies.

Ian Jordan is an Australia-born consultant based in Tokyo supporting clients with customer service and customer satisfaction seminars, training and consulting.

Ben Sparrow – Director

Ben’s experience includes eight years with Japan Management Association Consultants (JMAC) transferring Japanese lean management and lean manufacturing concepts and know-how to Australian companies from a broad range of industry sectors. more +

Paul Smith – Director

Paul’s professional background is in process analysis and optimisation, lean management and continuous improvement practices. more +

Akinori Hyodo – Senior Consultant

Akinori has a 35 year career with Toyota Japan working as a TPS leader and factory manager at Toyota’s number one ranked factory for quality. Hyodo-sensei works with Shinka Management’s clients through training and consulting in Australia and regionally, and as part of our Lean Japan Tours.  more +

Mike Goetz – Senior Consultant

Mike supports clients in leadership development and implementation of Toyota Production System methodology through his 24 years’ experience working within Toyota Motor Corporation.  more +

Eri Dennis – Consultant

As a NAATI-qualified interpreter and translator, Eri supports our Australian and Japanese clients with market entry and localisation. more +

Daryl Kelly – Senior Consultant

Daryl is a hands on lean practitioner with 20 years of solid experience applying lean principles across all operational elements of an organisation, including ten years in senior management. more +

Hiroya Yamashita – Senior Consultant

Yamashita Sensei is a veteran Toyota Production System leader with a career spanning four decades with Gifu Auto Boday, Japan – a Toyota group final assembly plant. more +

Peter Cleary – Senior Consultant

Peter is an Asia market specialist and has held senior management roles focused on strategy and market development in the oil & gas sector. more +

Peter Gardner – Senior Consultant

With extensive manufacturing experience spanning four decades, Peter’s major focus is on overall business profit improvement utilising lean management practices. more +

Kazumasa Hattori – Senior Consultant

Hattori Sensei is a lean consultant and TPS trainer with Shinka Management. His career includes roles with Toyota Japan as an assembly plant manager and parts department manager. more +

David Fitzpatrick – Senior Consultant

David is a Japan-based consultant within the Shinka Management team. David is a regular leader of the Shinka Management Lean Japan Tour and other related events and training in Japan. more +

Ian Jordan – Consultant

Ian is a Tokyo-based customer service consultant within the Shinka Management team. He has worked in and coached many of Tokyo’s top five-star hotels. more +