Akinori Hyodo - Senior Consultant and Lean Sensei

Akinori Hyodo is a lean sensei with a 40-year career at Toyota Japan.

Hyodo Sensei is a long-time Toyota Production System leader. He was the factory manager at the Toyota factory in Japan responsible for the manufacture of the HiAce vehicle, which is consistently ranked the number one Toyota factory for quality. Now retired from Toyota, Hyodo Sensei works with Shinka Management as a lean sensei providing lean training courses and lean consulting services for our clients. Hyodo Sensei regularly leads the training component of our Lean Japan Tours and Kaizen Training Courses in Japan.

Hyodo Sensei is much loved by our clients for his sharp wit, clear message and no-nonsense teaching style. He consultants to companies around the world from a wide range of industries.

Career Highlights

- Factory Manager at Toyota Assembly Plant
- Factory Manager Toyota Parts Factory
- 13-year member and leader of All-Toyota Kaizen Promotion Team
- 27 years leading TPS Development within No.1 ranked Toyota factory for quality
- Consulted globally with a wide range of non-automotive companies