Kazumasa Hattori - Senior Consultant and TPS Sensei

Hattori Sensei is a TPS Sensei. His career includes roles with Toyota Japan as an assembly plant manager and parts department manager.

In addition to his senior management roles with Toyota, Hattori Sensei has worked in logistics, press shop and paint shop environments within Gifu Auto Body, Japan. His strengths lie in implementing cost reduction programs, productivity improvements, quality kaizen and logistics optimisation through the application of TPS principles.

Hattori Sensei has been a regular participant in the Toyota Jishuken program, visiting several Toyota plants in Japan as a TPS leader to help improve safety, quality, productivity and lead-time in these plants.

Hattori Sensei consults globally, and as is a regular leader of the Shinka Management Lean Japan Tour in his role as a TPS Sensei.