Hiroya Yamashita - Kaizen Sensei

Hiroya Yamashita is a kaizen sensei and a veteran Toyota Production System leader.

Yamashita Sensei is a veteran Toyota Production System leader with a career spanning four decades with Gifu Auto Boday, Japan – a Toyota group final assembly plant. His career includes roles as Plant Manager for the Gifu Auto Body paint shop and Department Head – Paint Engineering. During his career with Gifu Auto Body, Yamashita Sensei was a long-term participant in the Toyota Jishuken program spanning multiple plants in Japan.

As a kaizen sensei for Shinka Management, Yamashita Sensei provides consulting and training services within Japan and globally, and is a regular leader of the Lean Japan Tour and Kaizen Foundation Series courses. He has deep experience in TPS and its application to quality kaizen, operation improvement, inventory reduction and lead-time reduction. He is experienced in leading personnel development programs, TPS and 5S programs in a variety of industries.