Ben Sparrow - Lean Manufacturing Consultant - Shinka Management

Ben Sparrow - Director

Ben’s experience includes eight years with Japan Management Association Consultants (JMAC) transferring Japanese lean management and lean manufacturing concepts and know-how to Australian companies from a broad range of industry sectors.

Over this time, he has done extensive work with veteran lean management consultants including a number of the original developers of lean methods and lean tools to some sectors.

Ben is one of the few non-Japanese globally with a genuine understanding of lean and the Japanese approach to manufacturing management from its original language and culture. Ben brings a global perspective from his support of companies in New Zealand, Thailand, India, China, USA and UK.

In his role with Shinka Management, Ben supports clients in USA, Australia and Asia with lean consulting. Ben has been a trainer for kaizen training courses for Shinka Management and JMAC over the past 12 years, as well as a tour leader on lean tours held in Japan since 2007.

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