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Shinka Management is a leader in lean manufacturing consulting and training.

Shinka Management builds on a 24-year track record of helping Australian industry increase productivity through Japanese lean management practices.

Shinka Management provides lean manufacturing consulting services, lean training and Japan industry study tours through its Australia and Japan-based lean manufacturing consultants and an international network of lean specialists.

The Shinka Management Story

Shinka Management was born out of a desire to transition the Australian operations of the Japan Management Association Consultants (JMAC) to an Australian owned and operated company serving global industry. The company name draws on the Japanese word for evolve.

The transition has been led by Australian locals Paul Smith and Ben Sparrow. Paul, a graduate of Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Engineering, and Ben, a past lecturer at Nippon Bunri University, are both fluent in Japanese and have enjoyed a long-time relationship with the country. Ben’s professional background includes eight years working as a lean consultant for JMAC, and Paul’s background includes consulting to public utilities across Australia, New Zealand and Asia in the field of optimisation and efficiency. Paul and Ben served on the Committee of the Japan Australia Business Council of South Australia for six years as Chair and Deputy Chair, respectively.

From day one, Shinka Management’s leadership team included JMAC Lean Consultant, Yoshiaki Makino. Yoshi, as he is affectionately known by Australian clients, has had an ongoing association over a 20-year period with Australian manufacturing companies, helping to foster an understanding of Japanese lean manufacturing principles and supporting them in improving their productivity through continuous improvement practices.

Shinka Management benefits from partnership agreements signed with the Japan Management Association, Australian Industry Group, and Simply Lean Business Solutions.  As part of these relationships, Shinka Management runs the Lean Japan Tour. The one week tours are held several times each year and visit cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka, providing industry leaders across the English-speaking world with a first-hand experience of lean implementation in some of Japan’s top companies.