Omron Logo

Omron Kyoto Taiyo

Omron Kyoto Taiyo is an electrical component manufacturer that was formed as a joint venture between Omron and the social welfare service corporation Japan Sun Industries. The company produces high-quality electrical components used for industrial equipment.

Isuzu Tokai Logo

Metal One Isuzu

Isuzu Corporation is a trading company within Metal One Corporation specializing in the steel industry. The Steel Service Division of the company processes and supplies cold rolled steel to various industries, via a network of nine regional service centers.

Yanmar Logo


Yanmar is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance diesel engines which are used in a wide variety of applications. The company also manufactures its own related machines and has a well-established global sales and service network.

Gifu Auto Body Logo

Gifu Auto Body

Gifu Auto Body is one of the 13 Toyota final assembly plants in Japan and consistently receives the Toyota award for quality within the group. Their major product is the Toyota HiAce vehicle but they also started manufacturing the Toyota Coaster bus in 2017.