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The Courier Mail | Asia in focus

When Akinori Hyodo started work at a Toyota factory in Japan more than 40 years ago, he could never have imagined Australian business people would one day be hanging off his every word. But earlier this year, a group of Queensland executives crowded into an Australian Industry Group meeting room to hear Hyodo give a lecture on the Toyota Production System, a half-century old method of boosting efficiency, also known as lean manufacturing.

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia | Australian business learns from Lean Sensei

Shinka Management held the first of their Australian Lean Leadership Master Classes at CCI in February this year, which brought the experience and teachings of Lean Sensei Akinori Hyodo to Western Australia. Akinori Hyodo, or Hyodo Sensei, is the former factory manager of the Toyota HiAce factory, consistently ranked first for quality out of all Toyota factories.

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Sydney Morning Herald | Production wizard Akinori Hyodo beds in Toyota ethos

Toyota Australia is on the way out but the Toyota manufacturing and managerial ethos could well be on the way in. The Toyota Production System – also known as lean manufacturing, lean production, just-in-time production and the Toyota Way – is as famous as it gets in the world of manufacturing and managerial theory and there’s still demand among local companies to know how it works.