Juan is a lean consultant based in Italy, supporting European and MENA manufacturing within automotive, FMCG, pharma and mining companies. His lean manufacturing development stems from over a decade of experience in DENSO, a first-tier supplier to Toyota, where he held departmental management roles in Process Engineering, Process Development/NPI, and Production Engineering.

Technology within Kaizen

Nowadays, there are countless technological means available to organizations so that they can manage, carry out, follow up, and improve their processes at all levels. However, investment in technology does not always guarantee the success expected by the organization, or even worse, sometimes hinders its operations and development.

Lean Implementation Team

Lean Implementation is NOT the Goal

Nowadays, all good results obtained in terms of safety, quality, productivity and delivery seems to be linked to lean implementation. Whilst the implementation of lean methodologies has positive potential, there are a large number of companies that fail to establish a lean culture. This article explores the purpose of lean transformation and how it impacts organizations that set out on a lean implementation journey.