Role of Standard Work in TPS

The Role of Standard Work in TPS

Standard work is regarded as a key foundation of the Toyota Production System. Operations where a high level of standard work is performed and maintained typically have strong results around efficiency, quality, cost and safety. Lean manufacturing sensei Akinori Hyodo explains the importance of the role of standard work within Toyota and discusses how the level of precision of standard work can be improved.

Toyota Career Hyodo Sensei

Hyodo Sensei’s Toyota Career

Akinori Hyodo joined the Toyota group at the age of 19 and through his Toyota career he worked his way up to become factory manager and director at the Toyota factory in Japan responsible for manufacturing the HiAce vehicle. His path on a lean journey wasn’t always smooth but his unswerving attitude to rise to challenges made him the lean leader he became. Hyodo Sensei shares experience from his Toyota career and gives us advice based on his personal journey.

Lean Leader Hyodo Shop Floor Inspection

Toyota Jishuken

The term Jishuken came out of Toyota and has become a well-known word in lean manufacturing. It is often referred to as a “management-driven group kaizen activity”. But, the details of what is really involved in Jishuken are not widely known. Akinori Hyodo explains Toyota’s approach to Jishuken and shares his experience of being an active part of it for more than a decade.

Supplier Developmenet

Supplier Development

Good supplier relationship management is crucial for the success of a business and Akinori Hyodo argues that Toyota’s corporate strength is built upon the strong capabilities of its suppliers. We discuss the importance of supplier development and how to establish and maintain a strong relationship with suppliers.

Kaizen Suggestion Schemes

Kaizen Suggestion Schemes

Kaizen plays an important part in helping an organization mature into a lean enterprise. However, getting everybody on board with continuous improvement initiatives can be a challenging task. We discuss the benefits of Kaizen Suggestion Schemes with Lean Sensei Akinori Hyodo sharing examples from Toyota.

Toyota Personnel Development

Personnel Development

We all understand the importance of personnel development within an organization. What is Toyota’s approach to personnel development and training? Hyodo Sensei discusses Toyota’s method and shares his thoughts on this important topic by drawing examples from daily life.

Leading a Lean Journey

Leading a Lean Journey

How should you go about your lean journey? What are the key ingredients for a successful lean implementation? Our lean guru Hyodo Sensei shares his views on the topic of Leading a Lean Journey and addresses a number of commonly asked questions on the topic.