Shutdown Maintenance Planning - Shinka Management - Australia

Reduce shutdown maintenance costs and opportunity costs through management of the maintenance process from planning through to completion

Shutdown maintenance planning focuses on periodic maintenance activities at oil refineries, chemical plants, smelters, water and wastewater treatment plants, and other facilities.

Kaizen and lean management practices are used throughout these industries to improve the efficiency of the shutdown maintenance process from planning through to completion. Work sampling is used to better understand shutdown maintenance activities through an analysis of time, personnel and equipment requirements. Coordination of manufacturing and maintenance departments is also essential in order to reduce shutdown time and cost, and achieve a positive impact on the organisation’s bottom line through increasing plant availability.

Where organisations outsource maintenance activities, it is important to implement a framework for target setting, proposal evaluation and completed work assessment in order to work with contractors to improve maintenance efficiency and cost.

Shinka Management’s lean consultants have a strong track record in supporting shutdown maintenance planning and implementation across oil, gas and chemical industries in Japan.