Lean Research and Development - Shinka Management

Research and Development

Shinka Management supports the management of the research & development function.

As Australia continues to compete against low cost countries in the region, a key area in which Australian industry can strongly establish itself is that of research and development. It is the engine room for growth. The high value-add end of the equation is where skills need to be developed and innovation needs to occur in order to drive corporate growth.

A strong research and development function in place can generate unique and attractive product, commodity or services offerings to strengthen market competitiveness.

Lean Research and Development contributes to the growth of enterprise through the innovation of the R&D functions (including engineering departments) such as research, development, design, and production technology.

Japan is well advanced in their lean management of the R&D process. Shinka Management provides access to this body of know-how. We have access to around 50 lean R&D consultants with considerable global experience in a wide  range of industry sectors.

Basic Development
- Technology Road Map
- Structure of Development Platform
- Evaluation of Engineering Platform

Product Planning Capability
- Creation of Unique High Value-Added Product
- New Product Planning
- Customer Focus
- Design Strategy

Development Process Innovation
- Principals for Development Process Innovation – The Dual Axes
- Feed-Forward (FF) Process Upstream Development
- Target Breakdown

Cost-Oriented Development
- Switching from “Cost-Down” to “Cost-Oriented” Development
- Product/Production/Procurement Master Plan
- Building Cost-Oriented Development

Knowledge Management Innovation
- Consulting Partner Role in Knowledge Management Innovation
- KM Innovation Promotion Using the Spreading Curve
- Amendment of Countermeasures in Each Innovation Phase

Team Management Innovation
- Key Points for Team Management
- Team Vision
- Team Management Improvement Cycle