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Business Process Innovation

Conversations occur every day in offices across Australia about the inefficiencies and communication issues that employees have to endure. Organisations generally apply little science to understanding the flow of their daily work and the productivity of their staff.  And with more and more information being stored on networked storage devices, less and less information is visually accessible or managed by those involved.

Business process innovation and white-collar efficiency looks at work processes, work scope and work units from a strategic point of view to make it possible to separate what is required and what is not. The processes, scope and units are recombined according to the objectives, thereby clarifying the values to be provided, resulting in greater speed and cost savings.

Innovation through visual management helps clarify and share the current situation of departments with targets from the strategy level through to the work level.  Rather than simply visualizing, we support the establishment and application of tools for “showing and clarifying” as methods for raising business innovation results.

Shinka Management’s Business Process Innovation expertise draws on experience of working with Japanese industry leaders in the following fields:

- Functional Reorganisation
- Productivity Improvement
- Work Process Innovation
- Work Flow Redesign
- Business Visualisation
- Culture Innovation
- Streamlining Administrative Overhead/Operations
- Introduction of Shared Services
- Concurrent Realisation of Customer Satisfaction and Productivity Improvement