Learning 5S and TPS while experiencing and living the Japanese culture through communication, direct interaction and viewing various
live examples from diffferent perspectives, created a solid reference for us to understand the main reason behind the success of these systems. This is a complete lifestyle that involves human contribution, a continuous thrive for improvement, and a strong team commitment. This is a unique experience that marked a new milestone in my career.
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Mohammad Arkahdan, Operations ManagerJubaili Bros

A very intensive and learning Lean Japan Study tour. Alternating with company tours, training session and feeling the Japanese culture. Experiencing the TPS live generated many new inputs and ideas for me. I can recommend it to anyone interested in Lean / Kaizen, but also to experts. It shows what culture is behind it and what can be achieved when we tackle it. Everything is planned from A-Z and it is also constantly being improved. Name is program *Shinka* Management well done.
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Michael Walther
Michael Walther, Lean ManagerComet

The Lean Japan Tour program organised by Shinka Management is a fantastic experience for those involved in business and production. It inspires people to make changes for the better and to more effectively organize production regardless of the industry they represent.
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Maris Freimanis
Maris Freimanis, CEOKarkasa Maja

The Lean Japan Tour was the best lean management experience I have had. I wish I had done this earlier, so I could have done some things differently. One learns that some aspects of lean that one thought one knew, really have a different dimension to them. It helps to see lean management where it originated. I can highly recommend this tour!
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Ramon Kahrsch
Ramon Kahrsch, Vice President Operational ExcellenceWitzenmann

The Lean Japan Tour allowed me to understand in a practical and conceptual way the real essence of just-in-time and operational efficiency. The dedication of the team and their attention to detail have made this an unforgettable experience.
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Juan Pablo Gazmuri Barros, Compensation ManagerAgrosuper

For me, the Lean Japan Tour was a journey through different companies guided by experts who explained the tools and demonstrated how to live in a work culture based on continuous improvement. This allowed me to discover new concepts and approaches to facilitate the successful implementation of a kaizen culture in American companies.
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Adrián Riveros Olmedo, Owner and DirectorB2Exc Consulting

If I had to describe the Lean Japan Tour, I would describe it as a great “experience”. It was an experience in every sense – from being surrounded by a new culture, landscapes, food, people; and learning a successful and proven work philosophy with results that are maintained over time. We were able to learn this new philosophy by seeing it in action on the plant floor and through hands-on exercise of what we had learned. Undoubtedly, the Lean Japan Tour leaves me not just with this experience, but also with a great responsibility as a leader – that is the responsibility of transmitting knowledge and implementing it in my company.
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Isaac Villablanca Peters, Manager of Operational ExcellenceAgrosuper

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn the Toyota Production System from the source. I look forward to implementing the many findings in our plant. This experience has given me a different approach to improving our plant’s lean journey. Thank you again for everything.
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Chris Branson, CI ManagerMilwaukee Tool

I was very impressed with the professionalism and preparedness of the Shinka team. The support both before and during the tour was fantastic. It was the right mix of culture and personal development. There were lots of learnings I will take with me.
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Steve Christiansen, VP of HR and Organizational DevelopmentIdaho Milk Products

Shinka Management organized an excellent tour. It was structured to capture professional development and cultural experience. The tour also provided me with experiences related not only to the local culture and food of Japan, but also to the culture and languages of fellow participants from all over the world. This tour has made a significant impact on my personal life and professional career. The kaizen concept and strategy of continuous improvement was presented in a genuine yet easily understood manner. I recommend contacting Shinka Management if you are serious about integrating kaizen into your company. Kaizen can be translated into your own business and partner organizations, but it also translates into your home and personal life. Thank you Shinka Management for such a valuable and unique program!
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Lily Sayers, Operations DirectorChartwell Compliance