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OTRS – Kaizen Software – Rejoice Company

Rejoice Company is a provider of outsourcing services for medical and healthcare institutions, including cleaning and facility management services. Kaizen software OTRS10 was chosen by Rejoice Company to support improvements in cleaning service quality, and to enable the company to rapidly create and deploy standard work video manuals.

Toyota Boshoku Logo

OTRS – Work Optimization Software – Toyota Boshoku

Toyota Boshoku utilised OTRS time study software with a focus on achieving work standardization to support their lean manufacturing journey. Through utilizing video-based work optimization software, the company removed variation in work and increased productivity by approximately 25%. Toyota Boshoku has since expanded its use of OTRS to include the majority of its plants internationally.

Yachiyo Logo OTRS10 Featured

OTRS – Video Time Study – Yachiyo

Yachiyo Industry, an automobile parts manufacturer, used OTRS10 to support value stream mapping activities. Video time study analysis allowed them to address issues with manual data collection, efficiency and accuracy. Through application of OTRS10, Yachiyo reduced the time required to complete video-based time studies by 90%.

OTRS – Operation Analysis Software – Nichirin

Automotive hose manufacturer Nichirin applied OTRS10 to address inefficient operation analysis work and communication issues with its overseas factories. The company overcame significant cost and language barriers through implementing video-based standard work documents using operation analysis software OTRS.

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OTRS – Work Analysis Software – TOTO

Plumbing parts manufacturer SUNAQUA TOTO applied OTRS10 to improve shop floor motivation within its factory through the visualization of issues and communication of improvement results. The application of work analysis software reduced the time and effort required by the production engineering team to thoroughly analyze processes, establish standard work and train staff.

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OTRS – Motion Analysis Software – Marugo

Marugo Rubber Industries achieved a cost reduction of several hundred million yen for one process through applying motion analysis software and targeting improvements in 0.1 second units using OTRS10. As a result of using OTRS to perform a detailed motion analysis of their painting line, Marugo discovered that the coating unevenness was due to a poorly positioned gun, and this enabled them to achieve a major improvement effect.