Lean Training

We provide lean training based on the Toyota Production System. Courses are run globally by veteran Toyota factory managers and our lean consultants.

Lean Training in Your Country

The Kaizen Foundation Series has been designed to provide a strong foundation in lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. The training includes a mix of theory, practical learning activities and case studies from Japanese companies, with a focus on Lean Leadership, 5S, Standard Work and Visual Management. This training is run in-house for our clients around the world, and as open-enrollment courses in Australia.

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Kaizen Foundation Series

Lean Training in Japan

Shinka Management has been running lean training courses in Japan since 2007 for professionals from around the world. These include the Lean Japan Tour and one-week training programs held at a Toyota Training Center. Training includes lean seminars, factory visits, meetings with senior management and hands-on practical exercises. This is your opportunity to learn lean from Japan’s top companies and most experienced practioners.

For more information see Lean Japan Tour.

Lean Training Master Class

Lean Training

Our lean manufacturing training courses provide a unique experience to help you implement and sustain a lean culture within your organization. Courses range from one-day introductory courses run at your premises through to week-long lean training courses held in a Toyota kaizen training facility and associated factories in Japan.

Typical Training Formats

- 3 to 7-day lean masterclass in Japan with factory visits
- 2 to 4-day lean masterclass in your city
- Tailored local course or custom industry visits in Japan
- Inclusion of lean diagnosis for your company / factory

Who We Cater For

- Corporations with staff joining from multiple regions
- Companies desiring on-site training of staff
- Industry association groups
- Individuals from around the globe (open enrollment)

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It made all the light bulbs go off in my head. I knew the principles and I knew the theory but now it just all makes sense, now I can apply what I know and make real improvements in my business.

Denise Cooper – HR Manager
Calder Stewart
Interview published in Issue 134 of Canterbury Today Business Magazine

Lean Management Training Japan

Kaizen Training

The lean and kaizen training curriculum typically includes a mix of theory, hands-on practical training and shop floor or office-based activity.

The lean training masterclasses held in Japan include visits to factories at different levels within Toyota’s supply chain as well as factories in non-automotive industries. Each factory visit lasts for around an hour and a half and is held on the factory floor amongst the operators. The vehicle final assembly plant visited has been ranked Toyota’s top factory for quality for several years running.

Topics Covered – Note curriculum varies depending on length and location of the training course

- TPS principles
- Developing human assets
- Role of top management
- Cost reduction strategy
- Elimination of waste
- Implementing and sustaining lean culture
- Kanban simulation (practical activity)

Lean cell production

Kaizen Activity

Car Factory

Kaizen training group

- 5S and visual management
- Built-in quality and safety
- Production capacity analysis
- How to run a time study
- Standardized work creation
- Sustaining a lean culture
- Kaizen activity (practical activity)

Toyota Kaizen

Kanban Training

Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Training Kanban Simulation

Thank you Shinka Team – this is very useful and, believe me, we will use it extensively. Rest assured that we will call you whenever something is required as in general the team is extremely satisfied with your time with us and, in particular, I have learnt a lot of new things and you’ve made me think a lot.

Ignacio S.Gatell, Director – Lean, Quality & Business Transformation
Emirates Global Aluminium

Benefits of Lean Training with a Toyota Lean Sensei

An outstanding opportunity associated with the lean masterclass, whether held in Japan or hosted in your city, is the opportunity to engage in no-holds-barred discussions with a retired Toyota factory manager and lean sensei on issues and opportunities that you have in your operations. Lean theory is easy, implementation isn’t – this is your chance to learn from the best of the best on how to implement Toyota Production System principles and lean cultures within non-automotive companies.

Toyota Sensei

Hyodo Sensei

Career Highlights:

- Factory Manager at Toyota Assembly Plant
- Factory Manager Toyota Parts Factory
- 13-year member and leader of All-Toyota Kaizen Promotion Team
- 27 years leading TPS Development within the No.1 ranked Toyota factory for quality
- Consulted globally with a wide range of non-automotive companies

A great training experience with a very wise lean practitioner, simplifying understanding of approaches to lean.

Peter Reade, Volvo Production System Internal Consultant
Volvo Group

Joining us for a Lean Training Masterclass in Japan

Where possible we’d encourage you to join us in Japan for a lean training masterclass. In addition to lean theory, you’ll experience hands-on kaizen training and tours of world-class factories.

In addition to a lean training experience of a lifetime, visiting Japan together with your colleagues can be an excellent and memorable team building exercise. Japan is a wonderful country to visit, and we share our love for the country with you through marvelous dining and cultural experiences in the evenings. We provide the option of an additional day in the schedule for sightseeing.

Whilst in Japan we look after you and your colleagues from arrival, taking care of all domestic transportation, accommodation, meals and everything else required to allow you to make the most of your stay.

Japanese Kaiseki

Japanese lunch

lean training sightseeing

kaizen training sightseeing

Lean Training at your Premises

Inviting us to provide training in your city or at your premises has the advantage that the training can be tailored to involve your operations. Schedule-permitting, we are happy to include gemba walk, company diagnosis and kaizen activities targeted to your operations.

Local training is a cost-effective option worth considering, and depending on your company’s budget may be the best investment for training your staff.

Shinka Management Lean Training

What to Look for in Lean Training

There are many different lean training companies and approaches available in the market. In considering undertaking training in lean and kaizen we’d suggest you consider the following:

- What are you trying to achieve? Are you clear on your goals and ready to implement what you learn?
- Has the training company had decades of experience in implementing lean cultures, or are they just well read?
- Have the trainers worked within Japanese industry and understand lean from the Japanese perspective?

The training was intense but had great value because the subjects have been explained in such a clear manner opposite to some European experts who know how to turn lean into some NASA scientific miracle from another planet.

Una Kasparaviča – HR Manager
AE Partners

Lean Six Sigma

Whilst we respect the achievements of those with Lean Six Sigma certification, it is worth noting that the lean six sigma black belt, green belt and yellow belt system is a western concept and that no such accreditation system exists in Japan. Likewise, Japanese lean practitioners do not call themselves “lean ninjas” or “kaizen samurais,” etc. In fact, the term lean itself was coined in the west and is a term that is hardly recognized within Japan. We want to peel away the layers of western misunderstanding, take you straight to the source, and show you the best of Japanese management philosophy and practice.

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Courses are offered in Japan, as well as locally within locations such as Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Contact us to learn more, or to be added to our mailing list to be informed of up-coming courses and events.