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Lean Online Training Courses

In addition to our on-site lean manufacturing training services, Shinka Management has experience in providing live, virtual training courses since 2015, to better serve our clients in over 60 countries. These courses are led by our team of Senior Consultants in Australia, Japan and the Americas, and currently can be provided in English, Japanese and Spanish. Through the use of online meeting/webinar platforms, we aim to provide our same high quality interactive training experience whilst removing the need for travel.

To discuss joining one of our online trainings, or to arrange an online training course for your staff, please Contact Us and one of our team will follow up.

Future Schedule – Online Lean Training

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[Online] Lean Leadership Master Class | Americas | 22-24 September 2020
[Online] Lean Leadership Master Class | Asia-Pacific | 7-9 October 2020
[Online] Lean Leadership Master Class | Europe-MENA | 12-14 October 2020
[Online] Lean Leadership Master Class | Americas | 20-22 October 2020

For a full list of all up-coming events, including webinars and on-site training programs, see Shinka Management Events.

Online Lean Training Programs

The following programs are recommended for delivery online.

Lean Leadership Master Class | Online

Format: Three 3-hour sessions held over consecutive days | Maximum 20 participants
Pricing: USD 695 per person | USD 5,950 per company

The Lean Leadership Master Class is designed for senior and middle managers who are interested in fostering a culture of continuous improvement within their organisation. The training is led by Hyodo Sensei, a long-time leader in Toyota Production System training and former factory manager at the Toyota factory in Japan responsible for the manufacture of the HiAce vehicle. Hyodo Sensei shares his experience on how to implement and sustain a culture of continuous improvement.

This program covers key topics of lean manufacturing with a focus on the philosophy and tools of the Toyota Production System as well as lean leadership and staff development to sectors outside of automotive. The course will go beyond theory to discuss how lean thinking can be implemented and sustained within a company.

Topics covered include:

- TPS principles
- Role of top management
- Developing human assets
- 5S and visual management
- Standardized work creation
- Continuous improvement culture

The content of this program is consistent with our open registration and on-site Lean Leadership Master Class, excluding the factory tour component. A more detailed description can be found on our Kaizen Training page.

Contact our team for more information.

Lean Implementation Master Class | Online

Recommended Format: Four 3-hour sessions held one session per week | Maximum 20 participants
Pricing: USD 695 per person | USD 5,950 per company

This program brings together Shinka Management’s core curriculum on 5S, Standard Work and Visual Management, covering the key practices required to implement lean manufacturing within your operations. The training goes beyond theory, including lean implementation case studies from companies in Japan and globally, accompanied by many photo and video examples.

At the end of the four sessions each participant will be able to:

- Plan, implement and sustain a 5S program
- Conduct time studies, and perform analysis and charting of standard work
- Develop strategies for the incorporation of visual management throughout a workplace
- Understand the role of tools such as error-proofing and kanban
- Implement and manage employee improvement suggestion schemes
- Understand the role of lean and kaizen within a corporate culture

The content of this program is consistent with our open registration and on-site Lean Implementation Master Class. A more detailed description can be found on our Kaizen Training page.

Contact our team for more information.

Lean Continuous Improvement | Online

Recommended Format: Six 2-hour sessions, conducted weekly

Originally designed for online delivery, this program engages employees over a six-week period, supporting them in developing knowledge of basic lean principles and an understanding of how to logically apply these principles to reduce mistakes, problems and waste in the work area. Outcomes include improvements in safety, quality, cost and customer service.

At the end of the six 2-hour workshops each employee will be able to:

- Clearly define processes and the waste within a process
- Define what customers value and focus improvement to deliver that value
- How to identify problems plus design and deploy quality solution within a team
- Understand how to apply visual management to in workplace for real time awareness-
- Know how to apply 5S as a problem-solving tool and not just for housekeeping
- How to design mistake and error proofing techniques to maximize process control
- How to adopt the principle of SMED to facilitate the precision change of any job

For a full overview of this course see: Lean Continuous Improvement

Contact our team for more information.

Training Format

All of our online training courses are run live with training provided by one or more of our Senior Consultants.

Programs delivered over the course of several sessions will typically include a homework exercise / analysis that requires completion.

Our preferred means of delivering our training courses and seminars is via Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar. Participants are provided with login details to join the training online, together with a training workbook. A completion certificate is provided to those who satisfactorily complete each program.

Our Training Team

Our on-site and online training courses are run by Shinka Management Senior Consultants, including former Toyota Japan factory managers. To view profiles of our team see the Our Team section of our website.

Testimonials for our Lean Training Programs

I thought the training was fantastic. It was well presented and organised, and the material was very relevant and can be applied to our organisation. Shinka Management created a comfortable environment where we could ask questions and participate in group discussions.

Aaron Mato, Melbourne Port Terminal Manager

Emerald Grain

In our experience it is hard to find good quality training. We have been very impressed with the content and presentation of the Lean courses run by Shinka. We felt we got really good value, and came away feeling inspired and that we had the skills to improve our business.

Sam Belfield, Chief Executive Officer

Bluedog Fences Australia

The Shinka Team enables an excellent learning environment for lean practitioners at all levels. They possess excellent communication skills and facilitate learning events incorporating theory, discussion and practical exercises. I would recommend to anyone interested in improving their business.

James Martin, Head of Engineering

Actron Air

The 2-day program provided our leadership team with a great opportunity to focus on our business and to reflect on opportunities for improvement.

Corrinna Politis, Group CEO

Politis Companies

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