Testimonials from July 2023 Lean Japan Tour. Used in Tour Report blog.

It was great experiencing factories that have implemented simple and effective processes in the right manner. I enjoyed the stories from each sensei on their journey of kaizen and how they implemented it within their factories. Ben, Eri and Juan were incredible hosts, the whole tour was seamless and the content was really valuable. This tour has really changed my understanding of what great looks like. Thank you.
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Mark Sherlock
Mark Sherlock, Operations ManagerRondo Building Services

This was my third visit to Japan with Shinka Management and it is difficult for me to find the right words to express my gratitude for such a well-organized tour and my appreciation for the high quality and on-target content. In my previous visits I received very valuable information related to continuous improvement principles and lean theory. While I received further lean training, my main focus was to gain more skills, tools and strategies on how lean practices can be adapted and introduced into the development of people. As a founder and owner of a newly established company, it is crucial for me to set up a lean culture at the onset of the company’s journey to foster the mindset of continuous improvement. Thank so much to all the wonderful people at Shinka Management that make this amazing experience possible. I highly recommend Shinka Management to any organization interested in lean training and improving their business.
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Lily Sayers
Lily Sayers, Founder/OwnerResebel

I joined the tour with little understanding of lean. This tour opened my eyes to the possibilities of what can be achieved through continued focus on improvement and team work at all levels. The plant tours showcase the Kaizen and 5S principles perfectly. The surprising thing for me is that safety and quality were paramount in all aspects of work and are a strong focus when implementing improvements. I enjoyed learning from our hosts and others on the tour and would happily recommend the lean tour to anyone considering lean for their business.
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Anna Sampson
Anna Sampson, Continuous Improvement SpecialistRondo Building Services

The program was well organised and structured. The whole Shinka team were amazing and very accommodating. To be honest I was not certain that lean was the right fit for our business. But the refresher in Japan has opened up my eyes as to how it can be practically applied. The lean tour has prompted me to reignite my business.
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Nathan Wundersitz
Nathan Wundersitz, Design & Production DirectorSpacecraft Joinery

I have thoroughly enjoyed the lean tour to Japan. Not only have I learned lots of new concepts that I’m keen to implement in our business, but I also loved the cultural experiences and insight into the people of Japan. The tour organizers bent over backward to make us feel welcome and anticipate our every need. I highly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of how lean can be practically applied in their business.
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Ellen Wundersitz
Ellen Wundersitz, Managing DirectorSpacecraft Joinery

Thank you for the well-organized and informative tour. It can be distracting to read and attend lectures about lean, but when combined with practical training and actual visits to the home of lean, it helps to clarify and connect all the dots. The tour was an eye-opening experience where we witnessed lean manufacturing principles in action. The attention to detail and commitment to continuous improvement were truly inspiring.

Overall, the tour was a transformative experience. It highlighted the power of lean thinking and demonstrated how it can significantly improve productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.
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Khawla Alruhaili
Khawla Alruhaili, Market Research AnalystAdvance Medical Company

A very valuable and well-organized experience. Getting good access to factories where TPS and lean manufacturing are used as well as the instruction from experienced instructors made this a very worthwhile experience. Participants should leave well equipped to train others as well as conduct kaizen practices themselves.
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Hayaan Nishad
Hayaan Nishad, Manufacturing EngineerCoastal Qatar

It was an exciting experience learning about Japan’s culture and industrial mentality. I had the honor of seeing and experiencing the industrial culture in Japan and exploring the reasons for its prosperity based on the principle of “kaizen”, as well as witnessing the work environment in a distinctive way embodied in the principle of 5S. It was a unique experience and I advise all those interested in increasing productivity and sustainability in business in general and the industry in particular to go through this experience. The vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is well known by those from industry. It aims to increase the number of factories from 11,000 to 36,000 by the year 2035. Thanks again to the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for supporting my participation, and to the Shinka Management Team for their efforts.
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Mohammed Alayed
Mohammed Al-Ayed, Compliance SpecialistFPC Industrial Company

Life changing experience.
The tour was extremely well prepared:
1. In terms of logistics and schedule, everything was organized to provide enough time for full day efficiency without putting too much physical or cognitive strain.
2. In terms of quality of information, the senseis’ knowledge is world-class level and they were more than willing to address all the questions. The quality of the plants we visited was top notch, and always with an overwhelming welcome from the people there.
3. The Shinka Management team is overfriendly and supportive in all aspects of the trip. They made us feel at home half away across the globe.
Arigato gozaimasu!
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Cyril Haddad
Cyril Haddad, Deputy General ManagerTechnica International

I must say thank you to the whole Shinka team – very grateful to meet you. The senseis and the Shinka team always cared about integrating us, teaching us and making us feel comfortable.
The planning for the tour was brilliant. All my expectations were met. I saw TPS totally implemented, and it was amazing and very inspiring. Now I will continue to guide and transfer this knowledge to my team.
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Matias Vilches
Matías Vilches, Operation ManagerSolucorp