Testimonials from September 2023 Lean Japan Tour. Used in Tour Report blog.

Having completed several graduate courses in lean production and management during my MSc in Industrial Engineering, I was no stranger to the principles and theories that underpin this field. However, the opportunity to embark on the Lean Japan Tour with Shinka Management was nothing short of transformative. It strengthened my understanding of lean practices to a level that surpassed the boundaries of traditional education, even at the graduate level.

The tour not only enriched my knowledge with theoretical insights but also provided an opportunity to observe the Toyota Production System (TPS) in action. Witnessing the TPS principles being implemented in real-world scenarios was an eye-opening experience that textbooks and lectures could never replicate.
What truly set this experience apart was the hands-on practical work we engaged in. It wasn’t just about learning theories; it was about rolling up our sleeves and applying those theories in real-world situations. The practical exercises allowed me to gain a profound appreciation for the nuances of lean production that can only be grasped through firsthand involvement.

The Lean Japan Tour was more than just a professional journey; it was a cultural immersion that exceeded my wildest expectations. As someone who has passion about Japanese culture, this tour served as a gateway to a world I had long admired from afar. Interacting with the local community, witnessing their work ethic, and embracing their customs were invaluable experiences that broadened my horizons in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

It’s abundantly clear that Shinka Management’s expertise in organizing such tours comes from years of refined experience. The seamless coordination, insightful guidance, and access to exclusive industry insights are testament to their mastery in this field. As a group, we were simply left in awe, and no words can adequately express how this experience surpassed our loftiest expectations.

The Lean Japan Tour with Shinka Management transcended the realms of education and tourism. It was a transformative journey that elevated my understanding of lean production, enriched my cultural appreciation, and left an indelible mark on my professional and personal growth.
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Redwan Kayal
Redwan Kayal, Founder & Managing DirectorContemporary Foods

The thing about the Lean Japan Tour by Shinka Management is that it’s not focused only on production efficiency, but also involves the lean way of managing people & reducing waste as a path to improving an organization’s quality & efficiency.

We had the chance to visit different plants, and the privilege of meeting sensei from different backgrounds.

I express my appreciation to the Shinka Management team who organized this joyful & knowledgeable trip. Especially Paul for keeping the knowledge flowing even during the bus rides, Eri for the fluent interpreting & the coordination of our stay in Japan, and Juan for sharing his long experience within Japanese automotive manufacturers that applied kaizen. The team’s passion for lean management and expertise elevated the entire experience.
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Mesharey Alhamidan
Mesharey Alhamidan, Sales & Marketing ManagerTariq Alhamidan Factory for Detergents

The Lean Japan Tour was well organized and full of passion, knowledge and hands-on practice. I was glad to join the program. Thanks a lot to the Shinka Management team.
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Mohammed Aldubaye
Mohammed AlDubaeye, CEORiyadh Food Industries

This service has added huge value to the Saudi Arabian Government-sponsored Tomoh Industrial SMEs. Thank you Shinka for the effort made to deliver this service in a very professional way.
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Sami Alwahdan
Sami Alwahdan, Director, Fast Growing SMEs ProgramSmall and Medium Enterprises Authority, Saudi Arabia