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OTRS – Work Optimization Software – Toyota Boshoku

Toyota Boshoku utilised OTRS time study software with a focus on achieving work standardization to support their lean manufacturing journey. Through utilizing video-based work optimization software, the company removed variation in work and increased productivity by approximately 25%. Toyota Boshoku has since expanded its use of OTRS to include the majority of its plants internationally.

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OTRS – Video Time Study – Yachiyo

Yachiyo Industry, an automobile parts manufacturer, used OTRS10 to support value stream mapping activities. Video time study analysis allowed them to address issues with manual data collection, efficiency and accuracy. Through application of OTRS10, Yachiyo reduced the time required to complete video-based time studies by 90%.

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OTRS – Work Analysis Software – TOTO

Plumbing parts manufacturer SUNAQUA TOTO applied OTRS10 to improve shop floor motivation within its factory through the visualization of issues and communication of improvement results. The application of work analysis software reduced the time and effort required by the production engineering team to thoroughly analyze processes, establish standard work and train staff.

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The Courier Mail | Asia in focus

When Akinori Hyodo started work at a Toyota factory in Japan more than 40 years ago, he could never have imagined Australian business people would one day be hanging off his every word. But earlier this year, a group of Queensland executives crowded into an Australian Industry Group meeting room to hear Hyodo give a lecture on the Toyota Production System, a half-century old method of boosting efficiency, also known as lean manufacturing.

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia | Australian business learns from Lean Sensei

Shinka Management held the first of their Australian Lean Leadership Master Classes at CCI in February this year, which brought the experience and teachings of Lean Sensei Akinori Hyodo to Western Australia. Akinori Hyodo, or Hyodo Sensei, is the former factory manager of the Toyota HiAce factory, consistently ranked first for quality out of all Toyota factories.