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OTRS is video-based time study software designed to help you achieve labor and cost reductions within your operations. The software leverages Japanese industrial engineering and lean manufacturing principles to help your company achieve world-class performance.

OTRS is considered the gold standard in time and motion study software and is trusted by the biggest names in Japanese industry. The software is currently used by over 5000 customers globally including 87% of Japan’s vehicle makers. Now available in both English and Japanese as standard, and easily configurable to any language through the preparation of a language file, OTRS is rapidly being adopted by a growing user base globally. The latest version, OTRS10, has been developed in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation to support the Toyota Production System. The software is used by world-leading brands such as Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota Boshoku, NSK, Sony and Panasonic to support their lean manufacturing and kaizen programs.

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Kaizen Software to help you improve your production site

Time Study SoftwareOTRS is designed to increase the efficiency of your continuous improvement program through performing time and motion analysis directly on site. This easy to use yet powerful software supports you in creating, analyzing and improving standardized work and line balancing your processes.

Process Analysis Software

OTRS10 makes motion analysis easy. Simply video an operation, import into OTRS, and use the intuitive graphical user interface to quickly identify the work steps and associated times within the process.

This data can then be used to:
• Identify and simulate improved processes
• Perform line balancing
• Generate beautiful standard work combination sheets
• Export PDF, PowerPoint and subtitled video manuals

OTRS10 significantly reduces the time required to perform motion analysis and create standard work charts, saving your company time and money – and achieving a far superior result to manual or spreadsheet-based approaches.

Eliminate Waste and Standardize Processes

• Use simple work measurement software operations to simulate the elimination of wasteful motion
• Use the frame-by-frame analysis feature to break down movements into segments for accurate analysis

Create Video Manuals and Prepare Various Documentation

• Automatically create video manuals from analysis results
• Easily output work procedures, standardized work combination tables, operation balancing charts, and more

Train Staff and Transfer Technical Skills

• Effectively educate staff and transfer skills using the video comparison playback feature
• Make it easy for junior members to rapidly absorb training information

Time Study Software Features

Time and Motion Analysis

Easy operation via an intuitive graphical user interface.

Motion Analysis Software

Standard Work Manual Creation

Easily create video manuals to visually communicate techniques that are difficult to explain in words. Manuals can also be exported in presentation format and video format.

OTRS Video Manual

Process Improvement Tool

Quickly combine motion analysis results and create accurate simulations.

Line Balancing

Automatically generate standard work combination sheet (standardized work combination table).

Standard Work Combination Sheet

NEW! Multi-Axial Analysis Function [Model 501 Only]

Newly-released in mid-2017, multi-axial analysis functionality allows for Therblig analysis and multiple-activity analysis. This functionality allows for multi activity analysis that distinguishes between human-to-human and human-to-machine operations. This leads to the shortening of cycle times and reduction of necessary personnel.

A second use case for this functionality is through two-hand activity analysis. Through detailed analysis of each activity, wasteful movements are eliminated, establishing an economical arrangement of motions with low fatigue output.

Multi-Axis Time Study

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