Lean Supply Chain Management - Shinka Management - Australia

Lean Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management should aim to realize the efficient flow of goods, the correct and speedy flow of information, and high capital efficiency and asset efficiency. Procurement, production, storage, loading, unloading, transportation, and  communication of sales information are regarded as the important elements that make up a SCM system.  The challenge for industry is creating the optimum system for all of these elements.

Using the SCM field as a visual axis, Shinka Management considers the different environments surrounding the enterprise and business processes in a multifaceted, yet structured manner.  We support the extraction of issues for improvement, the generation of improvement ideas and the implementation of solutions to improve supply chain management and achieve business strategies both domestically in Australia and across global organisations.

- Logistics/SCM Strategy
- Third-Party SCM Innovation
- Warehouse/ Distribution Centre Reform
- Subsidiary Strategy for Logistics
- Warehouse/ Distribution Centre Design
- Logistics Cost Reduction
- Purchasing/Outsourcing Reform
- e-Procurement