Sergio Prieto Serrano - Lean Consultant - Chile

Sergio Prieto Serrano – Senior Consultant

Sergio is passionate about developing people’s skills in problem solving and process improvement that will lead them along the path of operational excellence.

Sergio’s belief that operational excellence needs to be a company philosophy rather than merely a set of tools has led him to become a life student of the Japanese approach to change. Kaizen is at the heart of his support to clients as he aims to improve their processes, impacting in key variables such as costs, quality, time, security and service quality – and creating benefit for the employees, shareholders and society in general.

The collaboration that Sergio achieves from the shop floor level of his clients is important for him to promote new working methods and teach improvement techniques that will align activities with the company goals.

Sergio understands the necessary traits of a leader in a lean organization having been the Owner and CEO of the hamburger and sausage producer Congelados Sofria. He is an executive coach with formal training in Gestalt therapy and mindfulness.

Sergio has not only gained a six sigma black belt, but has continued to develop his understanding of the Toyota Production System and kaizen over many years through various international training opportunities. He is a native Spanish speaker with fluent proficiency in English.