Ian Jordan - Consultant - Customer Service & Satisfaction

Ian Jordan – Consultant

Ian Jordan has over 20 years of experience training hospitality in many of Tokyo’s five-star hotels.

Based in Tokyo for most of his career, Ian has a unique inside understanding of the application of Japanese omotenashi, or hospitality, and how this can benefit companies and elevate their customer service capabilities to the next level.


Ian has trained and worked within many of Tokyo’s famous hotels and restaurants in the trendiest parts of Tokyo. This experience has given him an insight into the Japanese art of hospitality and its implementation. Ian shares this know-how with the world through seminars, training and consulting in both Japan and abroad.

Also, as the number of foreign visitors to Japan increases with the Rugby World Cup, Tokyo Olympics and general growth in business and tourism, the ability for the service sector to seamlessly meet the needs of international visitors is  critical. Ian trains Japanese businesses and their staff in customer service and customer satisfaction to maximize outcomes in receiving international guests in Japan.

- Japanese customer service seminars and tours
- Customer service training and consulting for Japanese staff in Japan and/or overseas
- Omotenashi consulting and training
- Hotel and retail customer service kaizen
- Customer satisfaction (CS) training
- Up-selling and cross-selling techniques for customer service
- Overseas application of Japanese customer service approach


Ian is the author of How to Up-sell your Hospitality Business. “Never Saying No.”, published 2012 in Japanese by Kodansha, Japan’s largest publishing company.