Daniel Andreu - Lean Management Consultant - Argentina

Daniel Andreu – Senior Consultant

The experience of 18 years in Toyota Argentina has geared Daniel with the know-how to support clients in their journeys towards excellence.

Daniel’s depth of Toyota Production System (TPS) experience has certainly put him in demand amongst automotive suppliers to provide consulting services. But he has also extended his know-how to assist companies in metal fabrication, construction, services, plus home furniture and mattress manufacturing demonstrating his ability to apply the core principles and philosophies of TPS to any situation.

It is often said that the pivotal roles within TPS are at the Team Leader and Group Leader levels. Daniel has had a career rising up from a team member to a Shift Chief of Plant and experienced these front-line supervisory roles. The thoroughness of core TPS practical application in these roles cannot be stressed enough. Daniel is an asset full of best-practice practical know-how.

Daniel has experienced nine months training within Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan over two extended visits. He has not only carried forward the raw excellence he witnessed in Japan onto his roles in Argentina and now consulting, but also the training approach that Toyota has mastered to develop the human assets within their organization.

Daniel is a native Spanish speaker with intermediate proficiency in English.