Craig Karrani - Senior Lean Manufacturing Consultant

Craig Karrani – Senior Consultant

Craig is a skilled operations and production manager with an excellent track record in production efficiency, continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, safety management and industrial relations.

Craig has previously held long-term production management roles with BlueScope Steel Group subsidiary Orrcon Steel in Australia and Hall Longmore (Murray & Roberts) in South Africa.

Craig’s expertise spans lean manufacturing, operations and production management, quality management, project management and industrial relations. Craig’s roles have included human resources management responsibilities through much of his career.

Craig is experienced in lean manufacturing strategy deployment, including training and development of lean leaders to effectively create change within operations.


Orrcon Steel – Production Manager, Australia

Based in Adelaide for eight years as Production Manager, Craig was responsible for people development and performance management, quality management, workforce capability improvement and training and operational oversight of 54 production staff. Craig also had responsibility for all industrial relations matters pertaining to the Adelaide operations.

During this period Craig was tasked with an integral role in managing the transition of ownership of Orrcon Steel from Hills to BlueScope Steel Group, leading process harmonisation and change management. Following the transition, Craig implemented and maintained lean manufacturing principles across Orrcon Steel’s South Australian operations as the Frontline Leader Development champion. Prior to his time in Adelaide, Craig also held the role of Shift Coordinator for over three years at Orrcon Steel’s Wollongong plant.

Hall Longmore – Production Manager, South Africa

Through this roll Craig oversaw 229 employees at a large pipe manufacturing site for a South African steel manufacturer, with accountability for safety management, quality management, purchasing and transport. Craig also managed recruitment and HR and IR for fluctuating staff needs dictated by large contracts at this company.