Managing Multicultural Teams - Intercultural Staff Management Training

Managing Multicultural Teams Training

Shinka Management runs one-day Managing Multicultural Teams training courses as customized in-house training at client’s premises. Seminars include a mix of presentation, video, interactive learning experiences and discussion. Participants are provided a training workbook with all content from the course and a certificate of completion.

Courses cover key characteristics of cross-cultural communication, strategies for effectively managing intercultural teams and negotiating and motivating across cultures. The training highlights cultural dimensions that define communication styles and attitudes towards hierarchy, evaluation, persuasion, leadership and decision-making. As part of the training each participant will go through the process of identifying their own individual cultural profile. The training includes strategies for effectively running cross-cultural meetings and negotiations.

This training can be run as a stand-alone one-day course or in conjunction with our Japanese Business Etiquette training course. For further information or a quote Contact Us.

Managing Multicultural Teams

Cultural Bias
Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
Leading Across Cultures
Evaluating Performance and Providing Feedback
Intercultural Communication
Relationship Building and Traits for Success
Cross-cultural Approaches to Etiquette
Effective Negotiation Strategies
Motivating across Cultures

Managing Multicultural Teams Training

The training was highly informative. The topics regarding Japanese culture will be of great help to our staff who are new in Japan. The topics on working within a multicultural environment was also informative and gave me a good overview of the differences of each culture.

Takeshi Miyara – Executive Housekeeper
Club Med Tomamu

Sekisui Rib Loc Australia engaged Shinka Management to support a proposal to engage with a Russian investor in the development of the Russian waste and fresh water pipe rehabilitation market. The plan incorporated the Japanese group’s international portfolio of technologies and products; and presented verifiable data on the Russian pipe rehabilitation market and its potential development. The plan needed to be instructive to the Russian client in a manner acceptable to the Japanese shareholder.

The business plan and related presentation was successfully delivered in Moscow. Paul Smith was directly engaged in the project with support from Ben Sparrow, to ensure the presentation was congruous with Japanese business norms. Shinka Management provided services to a very tight deadline. Paul worked seamlessly with the international group to draft the business plan for the Russian market.

Paul accompanied the team to Moscow, then from local advice modified and made an effective presentation to the target client. Shinka Management developed the business plan and related market development presentation delivered in Moscow to a highly professional standard, working to a very tight deadline for a unique market opportunity supported by Japanese stakeholders.

Their commendable work proved a critical element in our engaging a large corporate group in Russia.

Barry Taylor – CEO (Former)
Sekisui Rib Loc Australia

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