The lean tours have often commenced with a seminar on lean implementation in Japan, presented by JMAC. Learn more about our lean tours to Japan.

Corporate Information

Company: JMA Consultants Inc (JMAC)
Establishment: 1942
Location: Tokyo
Main Business: Business Management Consulting

Lean Characteristics
Lean Implementation in Japan

The Japan Management Association Consultants (JMAC) is one of the world’s leading process innovation consulting firms. It is the oldest, largest and most respected management consulting firm in Japan.

JMAC is responsible for creating and implementing many of the lean manufacturing tools and methodologies that are now recognized throughout the world for their levels of quality and productivity. Shigeo Shingo, famous for his significant contribution to the development of the Toyota Production System, was a JMAC consultant.

JMAC provides a full range of lean programs from experienced consultants based on teamwork with its clients and genba-focused philosophy.

JMAC continues to serve as a driving force behind innovation in industry globally.

The Shinka Management Lean Japan Tours actually commenced as the JMAC lean tour run out of Australia, prior to JMAC’s transition to Shinka Management in the region.

Tour Content

Lean Lecture

Each year JMAC provides our tour groups with a presentation focusing on lean implementation in Japan and the latest manufacturing management trends in Japan. These sessions are run by an experienced senior consultant from JMAC’s Production Division, and promotes open discussion and involvement from all participants.

Lean Manufacturing Lecture

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