Lean Continuous Improvement - Lean Online Training Course

Lean Continuous Improvement | Online Training Course

Recommended Format: Six 2-hour sessions, conducted weekly

Originally designed for online delivery, this program engages employees over a six-week period, supporting them in developing knowledge of basic lean principles and an understanding of how to logically apply these principles to reduce mistakes, problems and waste in the work area.

Everyone working in an organization, whether it be small or large, will be following at least a general process to complete tasks. Most will be frustrated with the continuous stream of mistakes and problems.

This constant stream of issues demonstrates that the process is not as good as it could be, and that the waste associated with these broken processes is substantial.

Shinka Management offers a simple and practical series of online workshops that are designed to help employees that are frustrated with broken processes to logically apply basic lean principles to resolve process-related issues and significantly improve outcomes such as cost, safety, service and quality. In addition, when employees work together to achieve the improvement opportunities, morale improves significantly, and we have a positive impact on our environment.

Unlike most online training where employees simply watch a video and you hope they retain the information, these workshops engage the employee once a week through interactive, consultant-led training, to understand the application of the knowledge and the opportunity to implement within their workplace.

The workshops are held once a week for six weeks, and require the participant to schedule just 2 hours for each workshop. At the end of the workshops each employee will be able to:

- Clearly define a process and identify the waste within a process
- Define customer value and focus improvement to deliver that value
- Identify problems and design and deploy quality solutions within a team
- Understand how to apply visual management within the workplace to achieve real-time awareness
- Apply 5S as a problem-solving tool and not just for housekeeping
- Design mistake and error-proofing techniques to maximize process control
- Adopt the principle of SMED to facilitate precision change

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Workshop Schedule

Workshop 1 – Process, waste and opportunities

- The importance of understanding and defining what the customer values
- Better defining the process to meet customers’ needs
- Understanding and finding waste in the processes deployed
- The never-ending pursuit of eliminating waste
- Setting targets for the team and developing a kaizen culture

Workshop 2 – Excellence in problem solving

- Techniques to identify problems
- How to better define what the real problem is
- Getting to root cause of the problem
- Engaging teams and facilitating problem resolution
- The importance of escalating problems and making resolution visible

Workshop 3 – Developing real time awareness

- What is visual management
- Using visual management for abnormality attention and prevention
- Identify a range of visual management tools, devices and applications
- Designing simple visual management for the workplace
- Using visual management boards to facilitate continuous improvement

Workshop 4 – 5S to identify, fix and prevent problems

- Correctly defining 5S
- What does excellent 5S look like
- The importance of getting started with 1S and 2S
- 5S – a powerful tool to engage everyone in problem solving
- Managing development, implementation and continuity of 5S

Workshop 5 – Developing a mistake and error proofing mind set

- Understand how decision-making leads to human error
- Understand the relationship between mistakes, errors and rejects
- Understand the cost of quality in relation to the time of detection
- Understand the steps to creating error proofing countermeasures
- Understand common error proofing techniques

Workshop 6 – Precision change as a focus to enable agility

- Define SMED and precision change
- Analyzing to understand the waste in change over
- Define the disciplines and steps required to achieve precision change
- Identify common techniques and tools adopted in precision change
- Understand how management focus delivers an agile organization

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