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Kaizen Foundation Series

The Kaizen Foundation Series includes the Lean Leadership Master Class, 5S Master Class, Standard Work Master Class and the Visual Management Master Class. These courses are run across Australia on a monthly basis, and as in-house training internationally as required by our clients.

Lean Leadership Master Class (2 days – Fee – AU$1,295 excl. GST)

The Lean Leadership Master Class includes a site visit to a local factory and training by a former Toyota factory manager from Japan.

Melbourne - 7-8 August 2017 - Includes site visit to Specsavers
- 9-10 August 2017 - Includes site visit to Rondo

The Kaizen Foundation Series is designed to provide a strong foundation in lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. The training includes a mix of theory, practical learning activities and case studies from companies in Japan and abroad.

Topics in the series include Lean Leadership, 5S, Standard Work, and Visual Management.

To register for open enrollment kaizen training courses, complete the registration form at the bottom of this page, or contact Shinka Management. Alternatively, for information on our training courses held in Japan and globally, see lean training.

Lean Leadership Course


Successful lean companies consider 5S the basis for all improvement. It sets in place standards and rules that are critical for higher level improvement activities and innovations. It heightens the awareness of all employees in regards to safety, quality, efficiency, cost and time. But it is its tangible contribution of reducing waste through visual control, error-proofing and decreasing the frequency of equipment breakdowns that really impacts on quality, efficiency and cost reduction.

5S Topics

- Creating an environment for kaizen promotion
- 5S strategies for eliminating the seven wastes
- Establishing and maintaining a visual and comfortable 5S workplace
- The true Japanese definition of 5S
- Strategies to sustain a 5S culture

By participating in this master class you will:

- Understand the role of 5S in kaizen
- Identify techniques to improve your workplace through 5S
- Create a foundation for continuous improvement in your workplace
- See how the world’s leading lean companies manage through 5S
- Discover how 5S can directly impact on your company’s KPIs
- Learn how to structure your organization to benefit from 5S

Standard Work

Standard work is considered one of the key foundations for all kaizen and lean management activities in Japan, allowing operations to be quantified, managed and improved. It is critical to establish standard work in order to guarantee efficiency, quality, cost, delivery and safety within your operations. However, most importantly it provides a clear baseline for further improvement to be identified and achieved.

Standard Work Topics

- Standard work definition and application
- Measuring, charting and analysis methods for standard work
- Time and motion studies
- Work sampling
- Operations analysis

By participating in this master class you will:

- Understand the role of standard work in kaizen
- Identify the key steps for carrying out successful time and motion studies
- Practice drawing standard work combination tables and workload charts
- Learn how to effectively analyse both repetitive and non-repetitive work
- Learn to better manage your business processes and operations
- Create a foundation for continuous improvement within your organisation

Visual Management

The process of kaizen cannot begin in a workplace without first uncovering issues. Making issues visual empowers your workforce to identify when and where the issues occur allowing action to be taken in a timely manner. Further, significant improvements can be realised through simply visualising the current state of operations and increasing employee awareness.

Visual Management Topics

- Workplace visual management
- Current situation visualisation
- Quick issue and waste identification
- Appropriate usage of andon
- Visual management boards

By participating in this master class you will:

- Understand the role of visual management in kaizen
- Identify techniques to improve your workplace through visual management
- Create a foundation for continuous improvement in your workplace
- See how some of the world’s leading lean companies manage through visualisation
- Discover how sharing workplace information can directly impact on your KPIs
- Learn how you can better structure your organization to benefit from visual management

Lean Leadership

The Lean Leadership component of the Kaizen Foundation Series serves as an introduction to lean manufacturing with a focus on the philosophy and tools of the Toyota Production System. The training provides the key theory behind TPS together with many examples of how process improvement is achieved within Japan’s leading companies, and how it is applied in non-automotive companies in Australia.

Shinka Management regularly invites veteran Toyota factory manager and Toyota Production System (TPS) leader Akinori Hyodo to visit Australia to run the Lean Leadership Master Class as part of our Kaizen Foundation Series.

The two-day Lean Leadership Master Class focuses on lean leadership and staff development. Hyodo Sensei shares his experience and teaches local companies how to implement and sustain a culture of continuous improvement. When run as a two-day course, the training includes a facility tour and analysis at a local company.

Lean Leadership Topics

- Toyota Production System principles
- Continuous improvement culture
- Role of top management and developing human assets

By participating in this master class you will:

- Understand the core philosophy and tools of the Toyota Production System
- Understand the benefits of a lean culture
- Learn how to implement lean practices within your operations

In our experience it is hard to find good quality training. We have been very impressed with the content and presentation of the Lean courses run by Shinka. We felt we got really good value, and came away feeling inspired and that we had the skills to improve our business.

Sam Belfield, Chief Executive Officer
Bluedog Fences Australia

Training Locations

Training for each city is typically held at the following locations, however this is subject to change.

MelbourneAustralian Industry Group, Level 2, 441 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC
SydneyAustralian Industry Group, 51 Walker St, North Sydney, NSW
BrisbaneAustralian Industry Group, 202 Boundary Street, Spring Hill, QLD
AdelaideShinka Management, 45 Greenhill Rd, Wayville, SA
PerthChamber of Commerce and Industry WA, 180 Hay St, East Perth, WA

The Shinka Team enables an excellent learning environment for lean practitioners at all levels. They possess excellent communication skills and facilitate learning events incorporating theory, discussion and practical exercises. I would recommend to anyone interested in improving their business.

James Martin, Head of Engineering
Actron Air

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