Date(s) – 30/10/2013 – 01/11/2013
10:00 am – 5:00 pm


Tokyo Big Sight

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Monodzukuri Next Logo

Monodzukuri Next 2013 is a manufacturing tradeshow run by the Japan Management Association in conjunction with the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. The event focuses on the integration of design, production and maintenance activities. Lean manufacturing and Kaizen concepts are fundamental to the event and the trade show provides a comprehensive coverage of current practices and supporting technologies in this area.

Monodzukuri (also spelled monozukuri) literally means to make things (manufacturing) in Japanese, however depending on the choice of Japanese characters can also mean to make people. Shinka Management staff attended Monodzukuri Next in November 2012 following our Lean Japan Tour and spent one and a half days soaking in the huge array of information on offer at the 300 display booths.

Monodzukuri Next 2013 will be held concurrently with three other JMA events at Tokyo Big Sight:

INCHEM Tokyo 2013 is a plant engineering show with a focus on innovative products.

ECO-MAnufacture 2013 is a specialized exhibition featuring environmental and energy technologies and services for factories and the manufacturing industry.

Innovation in Water Management 2013 supports the creation of innovative water-cycle systems and the develo9pment of water-supply and sewage management systems in Japan and overseas.

Admission to Monodzukuri Next 2013 and the above-listed events is free for overseas visitors (with passport).

Unlike other JMA tradeshows with an international focus such as FOODEX JAPAN, Monodzukuri Next is targetted to Japan’s domestic market, and thus it can be difficult for non-Japanese speakers to navigate the trade show and interact with exhibitors. Australian companies considering  attending Monodzukuri Next 2013 are welcome to contact Shinka Management for further information or to discuss the benefits of attending.