Date(s) – 05/11/2014
1:50 pm – 4:00 pm


Stamford Plaza Adelaide

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Governance Institute of Australia – 2014 Public Sector Update

Afternoon Workshop: Lean Leadership in the Public Sector

Originally developed throughout Japanese industry, lean management is a philosophy that focuses on the removal of all forms of non-value-adding activity from operations in order to improve overall value to the customer.

Whilst most famous for driving productivity, quality and safety outcomes in the automotive sector, the practice has found widespread application outside of manufacturing. In the public sector lean management principles have been applied to improve operational efficiency, reduce cost and implement a continuous improvement culture within all levels of government and related sectors such as health, public utilities, police, charities and industry associations.

This workshop will introduce the lean philosophy, its application, and discuss how it is implemented in non-manufacturing environments. The workshop will focus on lean leadership and how to successfully implement and sustain change within an organisation.  Participants will be challenged to identify improvement opportunities in their organisations and to develop a plan for implementing and measuring change.

The afternoon workshop will be run by Ben Sparrow, Director, Shinka Management, as part of the Governance Institute of Australia’s 2014 Public Sector Update to be held in Adelaide on Wednesday, 5th of November.

For further information, please contact Susan Bradbrook of the Governance Institute of Australia on +61 8 8132 0266 or at [email protected].