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#AskSensei PREMIUM | Ask a Lean Sensei Anything…

Akinori Hyodo - Shinka ManagementBook a former Toyota Factory Manager for a dedicated Q&A session with your team.

As an extension of our #AskSensei webinar series, #AskSensei PREMIUM is your chance to engage TPS leader and lean sensei Akinori Hyodo for a dedicated discussion session with your team. Over the course of a 90-minute online session, your staff can ask Hyodo Sensei any question on the topic of lean, kaizen or operations management – and benefit from over 40 years’ experience living and breathing the Toyota Production System.

Hyodo Sensei is a long-time Toyota Production System leader, and was the factory manager at the Toyota factory in Japan responsible for the manufacture of the HiAce vehicle, which is consistently ranked the number one Toyota factory for quality. Prior to rising to factory manager and later director of the plant, Hyodo Sensei spent many years of his career dedicated to leading Toyota Production System efforts at the HiAce factory.

Contact Shinka Management to book your #AskSensei PREMIUM session with Hyodo Sensei and one of our bilingual consultants.

Single 90-minute sessions are charged at USD 495, and 5-session packs can be purchased for USD 2,295.

Please refer to the following table to check available time slots for booking an #AskSensei PREMIUM session.

Session – Tokyo Time Reference Time Status
Thu 27 Aug 13:00 | Check your timezone Sydney, 27 Aug 14:00 | Dubai, 27 Aug 08:00 | London, 27 Aug 05:00 | New York/Santiago, 27 Aug 00:00 Available
Thu 27 Aug 15:30 | Check your timezone Sydney, 27 Aug 16:30 | Dubai, 27 Aug 10:30 | London, 27 Aug 07:30 | New York/Santiago, 27 Aug 02:30 Available
Thu 27 Aug 18:00 | Check your timezone Sydney, 27 Aug 19:00 | Dubai, 27 Aug 13:00 | London, 27 Aug 10:00 | New York/Santiago, 27 Aug 05:00 Available